• Delta Bluffs Scenic Byway paves road to history and tourism

    HERNANDO, Miss. — In DeSoto County, marker signs now indicate how three segments of road have been officially turned into the new Delta Bluffs Scenic Byway.
    Mike Tagert is the Mississippi Transportation Commissioner in the Northern District.

    “We have many natural resources and scenic resources in DeSoto County. It’s important that we exploit it,” Tagert said.

    It’s part of the Mississippi Scenic Byways program, which designates highways, roads and certain street corners in an effort to preserve the history around them at very little cost to the county.

    Lee Caldwell is president of the Desoto County Board of Supervisors.

    “If we don’t protect our greenways, we won’t have it for our children. So, it’s very important to have awareness and protect our greenways,” Caldwell said.

    Delta Bluffs Scenic Byway will have three segments: the northern, southern, and east-west branch.

    Chip Johnson is the mayor of Hernando. He said the goal is to also showcase another side of Desoto County to tourists.

    “When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to be on an interstate, you’d much rather be on a scenic byway and Delta Bluff Byway is one of the most beautiful in the entire state. It’s going to bring people through,” Johnson said.

    A corridor advocacy group will manage and develop a long-term plan for the bypass in hopes of preserving history and paving the way for increased tourism by those hoping to see another side of Desoto County.

    “You’ll see the native flowers and trees. You’ll see some wild animals. You’ll see some homes that have been kept up for generations and see some waterways and natural attractions that we have to offer,” Caldwell said.

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