• Multimodal Grants awarded for North Mississippi

    Commissioner Mike Tagert has announced funding for multimodal projects in Mississippi’s Northern Transportation District.

    “The projects these grants are funding will support existing jobs and create new opportunities for the citizens of North Mississippi, while also boosting the local economies,” said Tagert.

    The Mississippi Transportation Commission (MTC) recently approved the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to award grants to regional and municipal airports, ports, public transit systems and railroads throughout north Mississippi.

    “MDOT’s responsibilities include maintaining and improving the state’s highways and interstates, but also focuses on providing a safe intermodal transportation network for airports, ports and waterways, railroads and public transit,” Tagert said. “Each of these modes of transportation plays a vital role in transporting people, goods and services that promote economic growth and development throughout Mississippi.”

    The grants for alternative forms of transportation help bolster and support the state’s surface transportation system. Grants were approved for the following regional and municipal airports in North Mississippi.

    • $229,630 – Columbus-Lowndes County Airport: Rehabilitate the maintenance hangar at the Columbus-Lowndes County Airport.
    • $230,901 – Corinth-Alcorn County Airport: improve the fuel facility at the Corinth-Alcorn County Airport.
    • $76,938 – Golden Triangle Regional Airport, Columbus: Install an inter-operable communication system for the Golden Triangle Regional Airport.
    • $104,452 – Houston Municipal Airport: Construct a new aircraft fuel farm at the Houston Municipal Airport.
    • $35,892 – Monroe County Airport, Aberdeen: Rehabilitate the aircraft fueling system at Monroe County Airport.
    • $79,763 – New Albany-Union County Airport: Finalize the construction of a new fuel farm at the New Albany-Union County Airport.
    • $17,239 – Okolona Municipal Airport: Rehabilitate the runway at the Okolona Municipal Airport.
    • $33,192 – Pontotoc County Airport, Pontotoc: Construct an 8-unit T-hangar at the Pontotoc County Airport.
    • $348,990 – Tunica Municipal Airport: Construct a 10-unit T-Hangar at the Tunica Municipal Airport.
    • $216,125 – University-Oxford Airport: Upgrade the aircraft fuel system, including installation of a new 25,000-gallon fuel tank, at the University-Oxford Airport.

    “Mississippi no longer competes regionally, but on a global level. Investing in local and municipal airports supports global economic development and logistics,” said Tagert.

    Grants were approved for the following ports and railroads in North Mississippi.

    • $388,684 – Lowndes County Port, Columbus: Purchase a working deck barge and excavator to support recurring dredging requirements of the port.
    • $130,680 – Port of Itawamba, Fulton: Upgrade the port’s conveyor and winch system.
    • $691,310 – Yellow Creek Port, Iuka: Purchase equipment for the Northeast Mississippi Waterfront Industrial Park.
    • $319,902 – Mississippi Delta Railroad, Clarksdale: Upgrade the rail from 85 pounds to 115 pounds from milepost 102.5 to milepost 103.
    • $272,250 – Mississippi Alabama Railroad Authority, Belmont: Replacement of railroad bridge deck crossties over State Route 30 and mainline rehabilitation consisting of crosstie replacement from milepost 539.9 to 542.6.
    • $311,850 – Itawamba Rail Authority, Fulton: Upgrade rail to 115 pounds along 4,116 feet of track, including ballast and crossties.

    “Improving our ports and rail system allows appropriate amounts agricultural products to be transported in a safer, more environmentally friendly manner, while reducing maintenance costs on roads and bridges,” Tagert said.

    Grants were approved for the following public transit systems in North Mississippi.

    • $60,405 – Aaron Henry Health Center, Clarksdale: Vehicle match: $10,405 for one 17-passenger ADA bus; and, $50,000 for vehicle insurance.
    • $21,109 – Climb-Up, Inc., Tupelo: Vehicle match: $11,509 for on 24/25 passenger ADA bus; and, $9,600 for vehicle insurance.
    • $38,540 – Northeast Mississippi Community Services, Booneville: Vehicle insurance.
    • $29,017 – Oxford-University Transit: Vehicle insurance.
    • $21,509 – Starkville-Mississippi State University Area Rapid Transit: Vehicle match: $11,509 for one 24/25 passenger ADA bus; and, $10,000 for vehicle insurance.
    • $24,805 – United Community Action Committee, Ashland: Vehicle match: $10,405 for one 17-passenger ADA bus; and, $14,400 for vehicle insurance.

    “Mississippi’s public transit systems play an instrumental role in providing affordable, reliable mobility options to citizens who do not own a vehicle or cannot drive. Helping these providers allows them to connect people to life’s basic needs, such as family and community events, medical appointments and grocery shopping,” Tagert said.

    For more information on Mississippi’s intermodal transportation network, visit GoMDOT.com.

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